ZAIAT Project

ZAIAT true potential

  • Focusing solely on the currency's growth. A natural growth based on a 2% transfer fee for each transaction.

  • Eradicating manipulation and eliminating theft from each virtual wallet. The security system allows for holding transfers for a period before validation within the BLOCKCHAIN CT.

  • Coins utilizing CRINCEPTION technology offer the best method for every company and client to have continuous earnings in the most fair and secure manner.Below you will find a result of a detailed analysis conducted by several teams with significant knowledge and extensive experience in the CRYPTO field.

  • Balance insurance for each block Each company must secure the value of each block transaction from the very beginning (the company is the one that first collects the money for each coin).

  • Increase only Validation through transaction fee No coin using CRINCEPTION technology can decrease under any circumstances because the blockchain naturally ensures its growth based on fees

  • In the upcoming period, the licensing procedure will be initiated for the activation and distribution of ZAIAT cards.