The listing of the ZAIAT coin

• Why is ZAIAT coin not listed?

ZAIAT coin utilizes CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY, a second-generation cryptocurrency technology. CT has become incompatible with the old Blockchain as it has addressed the issues prevalent in the first-generation crypto market through innovation. Let's outline some problems with first-generation cryptocurrencies:

ZAIAT will never list its coin on directories (websites that require payment for listing) because ZAIAT is based on CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY, belonging to the second generation of CRYPTO.

At present, Crinception Technology has technologically structured the Zaiat crypto project, and there is certainty, through its new innovations, that the establishment of a platform is necessary to showcase not only the innovations but also meet the expectations of the future.

The current platforms do not meet the needs of existing innovations achieved by Crinception Technology. Therefore, a new platform will be developed to meet the technical requirements that are expected to prevail in the near future. Crinception Technology has already designed and is currently developing this platform.

All platforms that incorporate these new technologies will have the potential to be listed in the future and will be validated by Crinception Technology as compliant with second-generation crypto projects.

It is unquestionable that second-generation crypto projects will represent the sole future of crypto.


The CT Blockchain - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY is a fusion of crypto and banking, providing a more secure foundation and organic growth that cannot be manipulated by those holding a significant number of coins or individuals engaging in immediate withdrawal after a surge, as commonly practiced in the traditional crypto market. First-generation crypto coins typically generate profits mainly for their creators and those investing substantial sums over the long term. ZAIAT, on the other hand, ensures profitability for all investors, regardless of the investment period or amount.

• First Generation Crypto Problems

  1. Coin inflation
  2. All coins are created one after another, preserving the existing shortcomings. Their desire to innovate has been virtually non-existent. Profits flow through traditional channels - founders and those with substantial financial resources who can leverage their financial volume for gains or losses, or those who can lock their funds for longer periods. The losers remain the same.

  3. At least 95% of the existing 20,000 types of coins can raise reasonable suspicions.
  4. To understand this better, please analyze the rise and fall of all coins at a high level when BTC - BITCOIN increases or decreases. All coins rise immediately when BTC increases and fall as soon as BTC drops. To comprehend this further, it is essential to know that all coins should ideally decrease based on existing investments, not BTC fluctuations. If BTC has increased by 100% overnight, other coins should ideally receive the same level of currency inflow as BTC to grow by 100%, but this is not the reality. The growth is based on speculation, not investment, which is why many people lose their invested money.

  5. Listing coins on multiple cryptocurrency directories or trading platforms.

  6. Many clone coins are listed on multiple directories (crypto websites) and trading platforms because they pay certain fees periodically. CAUTION! This does not mean that these coins are secure, and everything will be fine in the future. Nowadays, listings are based on fees and "trust." Why are fees justified to be paid, and what is the motive and consequence of "trust"? 95% of first-generation cryptocurrencies do not display the real MARKET CAP! Just as you read above, 95% of existing coins do not display the true total value present in their market capitalization.

  7. 95% of first-generation cryptocurrencies do not display the real MARKET CAP!

  8. Just as you read above, 95% of existing coins do not display the true total value present in their market capitalization.

• What does CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY (the second generation of CRYPTO) offer?

  1. Growth only through transaction fee validation!

  2. No coin utilizing CRINCEPTION technology can decrease under any circumstances because the blockchain naturally ensures its growth based on transaction fees. On the official website, you will find precise details on how CT coins can grow without employing any pyramid schemes.

  3. Every company legally employing CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY will ensure 24/7 wallet security for its holders. CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY will primarily guarantee that no blockchain will be hacked, and each company will ensure there is insurance for every wallet.
  4. CT - CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY will ensure that even if a company goes bankrupt, no coin from CT-licensed wallets will be confiscated or blocked by that company.

  5. IMPORTANT / Successful attack with 0 impact!
  6. Any attack on the CT technology blockchain will never have an impact, even if a successful attack ever occurs.


Crinception Technology is a registered trademark and cannot be copied, whether you create a coin with a fee of 0.01 or 99.99. Any individual or company that creates a coin using this computing technology will be subject to legal action by CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY LLC, and appropriate measures will be taken against them.