Pre-sale by regions !

We would like to inform you that, to expedite the completion of the ZAIAT coin distribution, it has been decided that the remaining coins for the pre-sale will have a significant multiplier of x50. This adjustment will significantly expedite the processing of coin sales through the ORDERS system, as all pre-sale purchases will be removed from the system. The current ORDER system has been slowed due to the remaining coins allocated for pre-sale distribution and for this reason, it was decided to distribute with a 50x factor.

Here are the regions eligible to make ZAIAT coin purchases during this period:

To expedite the introduction of undistributed capital into the market and to establish the necessary balance between the sale and purchase of ZAIAT coins on the open market, thus creating a sustainable equilibrium between demand and supply, the company has decided to apply a growth factor of x50 to any purchase of ZAIAT coins ranging from 100 USD to 100000 USD for a period of 1 months starting from 26 February 2024. Regarding legal entities, they will need to contact us directly via email to be informed of the maximum purchase amount and the applicable growth factor. This promotion is valid for countries in Europe and North America, as well as the following countries in Asia: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to expand your ZAIAT holdings during these high-impact days!

This decision was made today, on the 01 FEB 2024, and we hope that it will bring joy to all those who have participated and continue to participate in the ZAIAT project.